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Claudete Sebben, our founder, helping at a food distribution.


Claudete Sebben, President & CEO of MK Catering since 1999, founded the MK Catering Foundation in 2020 with goal of taking a stand against hunger in her local community. 


Claudete had the vision of using her decades of experience and connections in the catering industry to address food insecurity in and around the Nation’s Capital.


Over the last three years, the MK Catering Foundation has focused on protecting the health and dignity of low-income families and individuals by providing free, nutritious meals.

Picture of Claudete Sebben as a child


Claudete grew up in a agricultural area of Brazil where she was exposed to a lifestyle grounded in growing healthy food.

From an early age, Claudete learned the value of hard work and the importance of eating well to live a full life.


Since Claudete founded MK Catering in 1999, the company has operated at the highest echelons of service for weddings, social events, galas, fundraisers, government institutions, corporations, and discerning individuals.

Claudete Sebben at a large event in 2021.
Claudete reaching out to community member.


Since creating the MK Catering Foundation in 2020, Claudete has discovered new ways to help those in need and give back through charity work. 

Click here to learn more about the the MK Catering Foundation's programs. 

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